Itunes Fan No Volume

from the blog

I do not watch Music Video Channels and I do I listen to music on the radio. I love  music, but my main source of acquiring music is through Itunes.  I began to update my music collection a few months ago, and notice that many of the selections on Itunes is low in Units Sales. Could I be looking in the wrong genre?  I noticed many do not even reach in the thousands in units sales, unless they have been available for years.

If am actively searching for a particular song. I find it disturbing and I become reluctant to purchase the complete CD.  Though it has been pointed out to me time and time again. I’m wasting my money by buying a 2 or 3 songs instead of the complete compilation by the Artist and/or debut CD. It is one of those bad habits I have had for years. Due to an era when Artist and Industries possible felt quality music was not important, but fan base for the artist was. The year everyone started sounding like they had inhaled massive amounts of helium. That was surely the kill button for me!

Now that I have returned to the idea of buying the complete compilation. I feel reluctant, I’ve even changed my favorite genre a few times, R&B soul, Alternative, Rock to settling with Singers/Songwriters and World Music. I want and appreciate great music, awesome band, extraordinary vocals. I’m very happy to settle with authentic story telling lyrics. I can over look the artist Vocals, for something with meaning and substance.



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