Red Cross

red cross

I have had many profane and unacceptable words thrown at me. Some move me emotionally and other no response at all. There is only one phrase that brings all thing to an acute reality. Something I heard when I was young.  With all that goes on and for a child not understand what death is all about. The following phrase, seemed to wrap it all up for me “It’s Real”.  Red Cross! That how I learned what Red Cross was at an early age.

“Contact Red Cross”.  If your from a Military family you know what those words mean when searching for a soldier in another country, far from home.

Come Home! What they actually tell Soldiers, I do not know. My family along with other families faith and confidence when all else fells. Contact Red Cross and the results have been amazing.

When I became a young adult Red Cross meant even more, Resuscitation and Donor. When I became a parent the most important lesson learned, assisting a child that is choking.

Thank you American Red Cross for all you have done for so many families.


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