When I Watch Watching Video

When I’m watching music videos, what am I doing? I’m exploring with may senses.

  • The Music Playing
  • Lyrics
  • Cinematography – How the Video was shot.
  • Visual Interpretation – What the Directors idea are with the images, and does it convey over to me.

Emotions – Am I moved emotionally
Clarity in a whole package.

Note: I’ve posted this video before but “Rooftop” is a good one. It is a good example of everything I’m looking for when watching Videos sometimes. Sometime it takes watching a music video a couple times to catch the small Nuance, obscure messages conveyed in the average video of four minutes.

Dave in a Health Facility. He seems to be calm and doing something constructive, stacking the playing card in a pyramid. Once he has taken his medication he sits back calm and looks as though he he is waiting for the medication to hit him. Turmoil begins one the medication takes affect He is in his own world. He is happy! He dismisses the Nurse when she speaks to him. I see the obvious that he watching TV and believes the guy on TV is talking to him personally. And takes on the character the spokesperson. But do we see that he is out of control on the rooftop (Hallucinating), be it real or not he imagines a crowd on the roads below. And almost falls off the roof edge. Then there the seen when the Orderlies are trying to get control of him on the roof again he climbing up the platform painters stand on. Even when he back inside around the other patients it seems as though some little party is gong on. And everyone is up and moving around. Do you notice the Orderlies are still trying to capture Dave. It seems he has all the patients disturbed by his activity.

Can you figure this one out


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